Are We a Good Fit?

We’ve learned a number of things in the last 7 years of providing WordPress services, but none more important than ensuring from the start that the relationship is a good fit.

We are a good fit if

Here are some common characteristics that’ll help you determine if we’re right for you:

  • You’re an entrepreneur, freelancer, blogger or you own a small business company
  • You have your content for your website ready or at least in-the-works
  • You have a Google Account, we do everything in the cloud
  • You have the resources — people and time — for us to tap into at every phase of the project. You have needs/problems and we have solutions. We build and fix websites together.

We are NOT a good fit if

  • You want something “ASAP” or “Yesterday” and don’t value the energy that go into providing a quality service
  • You don’t have a budget