WP e-Commerce Earnings Graphs

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The plugin will display graphs of monthly earnings for the current or selected year. The earnings are calculated from the total price of all orders for each month.

WP e-Commerce is a very popular and powerful e-commerce plugin for WordPress. This is a little add-on that I’ve created for WP e-Commerce that allows you to view graphs of your monthly earnings from sales.

The plugin will add a new “Earnings Graphs” page to the “Products” menu. Clicking on this link will display a graph of each months earnings for the current year. You can easily change the year that is displayed by choosing the appropriate year from a drop down above the graphs.

WP e-Commerce Earnings Graphs is fully localized and ready for translation. The currency codes and signs displayed on the graph are set from the WPEC options page, so it will work perfectly, regardless of which language / currency you are using.