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More features, more flexibility. One plugin. You won’t find more features built into a single form builder plugin.

  • 30 Field Types: With 30 different field types to choose from, you can build ultra complex forms…or beautifully simple ones. Multiple pages, collapsible sections, dynamic fields? No problem.
  • Customizable Layout: Layout classes provide total control over the layout of your form. Add multiple fields to a row with just a few clicks. Whether you want two fields in a row or eight, we’ve done all the coding so you don’t have to.
  • Conditional Logic: Build complex forms with the help of conditional logic. Automatically hide or show fields or entire pages in your form based on selections your users make.
  • Field Calculations: Take your forms to the next level. Use field calculations to add up quantities and totals. Add a quantity and see the total update.
  • Confirmation Fields: Email addresses and passwords are important, make sure to get them right with confirmation fields. See how they work by entering two email addresses that don’t match.
  • Repeating Fields: Need to collect multiple sets of information with a single entry? Repeatable fields Allow your users to add a new set of fields on the fly. See how it works below.
  • Automatic Updates: Keeping Formidable Forms up to date is simple with one-click updating right from your plugins page. And since life-time updates are included with your license, you will always have the latest and greatest features built into our plugin.
  • Email Notifications: Send multiple, custom email notifications when a form entry is submitted, updated or deleted. Notifications also have conditional logic so you can send or hold emails based on selections made in your form.
  • Pre-filled Forms: Save time and increase form completions by pre-loading data in your forms. Here are a few of the ways you can pre-fill your forms: Dynamic Values, User Meta, Other form entries
  • Save Drafts: Have a really long form? Sometimes you want your users to be able to save their form progress and return to complete a form at another time. Drafts allow you to do this.
  • Visual Styler: Easily change the look and style of your form with multiple style templates. Change field colors and sizes, Add backgrounds and borders, then easily manage which forms use your styles
  • Front-end Editing: Allow your users to edit their submissions from the beauty of your theme. Front-end editing is seamless and simple

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