WordPress Migration

Need help with migrating to a new host or domain? Our WordPress migration service gives you a quick and secure way of moving your website.

With hundreds of migrations under our webmasters’ belt, you can trust us to get the job done. To provide a top notch services we follow WordPress best practices.

What you will get

We have created this migration package to provide you the proper help with transferring your WordPress site from one domain/server to another domain/server. We can also help you move your site from your staging site (sub-domain, sub-directory or another-domain) to your live domain. After migration the new transferred site will be exact replica of old site. All links/images will work accordingly with new domain and you can safely delete the site from the old location.

  • Website migration within 24 hours
  • Database and files transferred on your new hosting
  • 100% link works with the new domain name


You can choose the extra setup configurations you need for launching your new website.

  • Install staging site before moving to live site

What we’ll need

  • Hosting Control Panel Info
  • Domain name registrar Info
  • WordPress Admin Info
Order Service $59
Estimate Time 1 day
Revision 1 revision

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