WordPress Multilingual

Need help creating a multilingual WordPress site? Our service gives you a fast and easy way to translate WordPress pages, posts and anything in between.

What you will get

With our multilingual service we will manually setup WordPress Multisite and add a multilingual language switcher plugin. We will give you a step by step guide (with print-screens) to teach you how to link the translated posts/pages. It’s pretty straight forward, like choosing your country from a drop-down list box.

  • Multilingual site up and running within 24 hours
  • Clone your site example.com to example.com/fr
  • Configure language switcher linking your first 25 pages/posts
  • Add the language flags (with links) to the header/footer of your site

Keep in mind!

We are not going to translate your site into your second language. You’ll need to proper translate your content (and URL slugs if you want) into the new added language. You will also need to rebuild graphics (banners, ads) with the respective text.

What we’ll need

  • WordPress login info
  • FTP and Hosting Control Panel Info


You can see a multilingual site in action right now by visiting one of our clients site: http://christianklinkmann.de


The traditional way of making a WordPress site multilingual is using a standalone WordPress environment and a premium multilingual plugin such as WPML. We used this solution for our and clients sites until couple of years ago, but this method it’s adding to much complexity to the site. It also slowing down the site for the users and editors. And last but not least, many WordPress plugins are incompatible with WPML plugin making it difficult to extend some functionality of a site. With so many disadvantages we quit using this solution, we’re not offering it to our clients anymore.

We now use a WordPress core bulletproof method that keeps intact your language versions of the site even if you deactivate the plugin.

Order Service $99
Estimate Time 1 day
Revision 1 revision

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