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Storefront is an intuitive & flexible, free WordPress theme offering deep integration with WooCommerce.

Bulletproof WooCommerce integration. Storefront is the perfect theme for your next WooCommerce project. Designed and developed by WooCommerce Core developers, it features a bespoke integration with WooCommerce itself plus many of the most popular customer facing WooCommerce extensions. There are several layout & color options to personalize your shop, multiple widget regions, a responsive design and much more. Developers will love it’s lean and extensible codebase making it a joy to customise and extend. Looking for a WooCommerce theme? Look no further!


WooFramework, the engine powering all of Woo themes has evolved and grown alongside WooThemes since the business first began, back in 2008. Over the years the developer adjusted the look and feel, added and removed features and built up a stable base of core functionality available in any WordPress theme purchased from WooThemes.

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