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The Gear Framework makes it possible for you to develop unrestricted, full-featured, MVC based web applications that run within the pages of your WordPress website.

The Gear Framework is all about saving you time and keeping things fun. Your WordPress themes takes on the brunt of the design work, and your plugins help you bypass the need to develop solutions to problems that others have already solved. As a result, you can focus more of your time on developing the core of the project, and less on things like layout, aesthetics, user accounts, and so on.

Fast. Easy. Fun. Reasons To Use Gear

  • The WordPress Community: Take advantage of having a huge community of developers and designers that are constantly pumping out tons of plugins and themes to help you solve the most common problems.
  • Build Applications Quickly: The themes and plugins handle a good chunk of the design and development load, so that you can focus on what’s important – your web application.
  • Lightweight and Fast: The framework and the library were both designed to be lightweight and fast, so you don’t have to worry about monolithic libraries you will never use.
  • Zero Configuration: The plugin installs like any other WordPress plugin, so set up is a breeze. Plus, with our administrative pages, changing settings couldn’t be easier.
  • Easy To Use Interface: The administrative pages allow you to quickly and easily install the file structure, create pages, and create files that contain skeleton code.
  • Safe and Secure: We take part of the burden off your shoulders by automating things like CSRF prevention, SQL prevention, XSS prevention, user authentication, and even user input validation.

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