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Piklist is the most powerful framework available for WordPress. Easy for beginners… built for developers. Piklist helps you build things – fast.

Built for Developers

Piklist is a fast and concise plugin that encourages WordPress rapid development. It simplifies many of the more difficult tasks in WordPress and adds functionality not presently common in WordPress core. Whether it’s adding simple custom fields or more complex, conditionally driven forms, you can always do more in less time with Piklist.

Built for Businesses

No need to “learn” another application. Piklist works the way you work. Each business is different, so everything in Piklist is customizable: forms, fields, workflows and even the look. Create your own application from scratch, or start with one of ours. Either way you’ll have exactly what you need. As your business grows, Piklist will grow with you. There are never too many fields, forms or users. Piklist can help you run your business now and in the future.

If you can build it with WordPress, Piklist will make it better

Piklist is a layer that works between you and WordPress, reducing redundant code, extending core API’s and just plain super-charging WordPress. Anything you build with WordPress will be better with Piklist…anything.

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