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Ultimatum is not just a WordPress theme or framework. It is a total WordPress suite.

Drag and Drop Theme Builder

Ultimatum comes with a unique layout builder in which you are able to drag and drop native WordPress widgets. Unlike other frameworks, with Ultimatum you are not bound to specific add-ons. You can use any plugin and any widget in Ultimatum by just dragging and dropping them to your desired position in the layout. The layout editor saves you the many messy sidebars in the widgets screen. Ultimatum lets you see the exact position where you place the widgets.


Style with Ease

A site is worth nothing if it does not show your style! Ultimatum’s CSS editors makes you to set your desired styling with ease. Each element defined in back-end can be styled with just filling the forms and setting the options. You can also type in your custom CSS in live editor and see results on screen right away. Your web site’s unique styling is under your control with all of its aspects.


Bootstrap and Bootswatches

In addition to classic 960 grid system we have been using since Ultimatum ver. 1.0 we have added the most popular grid framework choice to Ultimatum 2.50 with its all features and Bootswatches. Since Ultimatum 2.7 we also support Bootstrap 3 for crafting WordPress Themes. Now creating Bootstrap Powered WordPress themes with is just matter of clicks with Ultimatum.

Unmatched device support

Ultimatum can create responsive web sites with just clicks. However sometimes you want to show your visitors a different website for their device which will lower your bandwidth and increase their reach to content. This is only available when you use mobile web apps and Ultimatum gives you the freedom for it.

Built for WordPress

Ultimatum is built for WordPress #1 CMS all around the world. Ultimatum’s drag and drop theme building functionality differ from its competitors where it supports any item in any place. This gives the user the option of benefiting from 33.000+ free plugins listed at wordpress.org


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