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Build the administration side of your WordPress Theme like never before!

  • Complete Features: If you are an engineer, Vafpress Framework is like your complete toolbox. You just simply need it to get your job done well.
  • Efficient: It has script load management which make your page only loads needed scripts. The front-end side is also free from any framework processes.
  • Easy to Use: Vafpress Framework really makes it easy. Just spend some minutes, declaring the schema, and we “cook” it for you right away.

Available Fields

  • TextBox
  • TextArea
  • Select
  • MultiSelect
  • CheckBox
  • CheckImage
  • RadioButton
  • RadioImage
  • Toggle
  • Slider
  • Upload
  • Color
  • Date
  • Code Editor
  • Sorter
  • Font Awesome
  • WP TinyMCE Editor
  • Notebox


  • Data Validation
  • required
  • alphabet
  • alphanumeric
  • numeric
  • email
  • url
  • minlength[n]
  • maxlength[n]
  • minselected[n]
  • maxselected[n]

Theme Option Builder

  • Grouping Fields: We love to keep everything tidy. Theme Options Builder allow you to can group your fields into sections, menus, and submenus.
  • XML Format: You can write your builder in XML format and then convert it into PHP Array using our converter.

Metabox Builder

  • Powered by WP Alchemy: Write your meta boxes in PHP Array quickly and easily.
  • Repeating Fields Group: Use repeating fields group to define some fields with arbitrary number of occurances.

Data Sources

  • Dynamic: Call dynamic data source, like “list of users”, and others into your field’s data pool.
  • Items Binding: Bind item options of a field to be changed on the fly based on other field’s value.

Fields Interaction

  • Dependant Fields: You can set a field value as the active toggle of other fields.
  • Binding Fields: You can set a field’s value bound to another field’s value.

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